Saturday, February 27, 2010


because they know i want you, know i need you,
no i won't go a day without you
and only you can know what you're doing to me good afternoon

-Jimmy Newquist

Chris & Chels Henry invited us to go to Caroline's Spine in Park City Thursday night. We had a great meal at Taggart's grill, which was the restaurant that Tim and I rekindled our relationship last year:) We got there early and the show was scheduled for 9 at the Star Bar, but he didn't start until late 10 something. I really liked the band and the company! Thanks for inviting us up there guys.

{Don't you just love the bright red lighting}
[I don't!]


  1. I love Taggarts! Isn't it the best! I crave their yummy chicken artichoke soup, bread, and most of all their pink sugar cookies! Delicious! Glad you guys had fun!