Monday, May 23, 2011

Demo Derby & Fab Summer Find

This past weekend, we had such a great time with a few of our friends.  I think we are mentally preparing for spending a few days with everyone in Vegas in a couple weeks. (yes I frequent Vegas, no, I don't have a gambling problem:)

Thursday: Dinner & Farr's Ice cream with Hass, Chase, & Nate
Friday: Pirates (Loved it)
Saturday Day: Greek Baptism with my favorite greeks and lots of greek food!
Saturday Night: Demo Derby with Hass, Tj, and Chase (See Below)

If any of you run into my husband anytime soon, or he reads this:  I would love a new point n shoot or bloggie... just saying... I know I have many cameras... but the pixels are starting to get to me!  

Fab Summer Find!

Here is a quick must have for the summer....

Faux Tan by Bare Essentials

Why do I love it?  It comes out a green chocolate texture that never turns you orange and it gives you  immediate color!  That plus a light almond scent lasts 5-7 days.  It runs about $22, but completely worth it.  I love it for my face, because I wear a heavy sunscreen on it all summer.   Try it out!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

tasha {senior}

Check out Tasha's Senior Session here!

Have a stellar Thursday:)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

i love polaroids

We had my family over last Saturday night and they were looking at the cameras on the bookshelves.  (Tim and I frequently collect cameras and old movie cameras from thrift stores and garage sales.  We <3 polaroids-thus my logo).  My mom was sitting with us and talking about seeing them when she was little.  My favorite part of the convo was when she said "Ya know the most inconvenient part about Polaroid Cameras?  It's when you are on vacation and you have to carry all of your developed pictures with everywhere."  Love it:)

Check out a few of ours here.

Tim's favorite.  I bet you can guess why!

Monday, May 9, 2011

step out the door and it feels like rain

This is a hodge podge post of pictures from my canon eos, canon elf, and my phone.  

Baby Luke is now 6 months.  See more of Luke here.

  Tim took me to a cooking class at For Your Kitchen.  What did we make you ask?  What else, chips, salsa and guac!  It was so much fun:)  (Tim was the only volunteer)

Next ongoing project, desk #5.  Why do we keep purchasing them, who knows!  It's a large hobby to store all of those desks.  This is an all wood desk we picked up for $10 at local church. 
Original Color

After paint stripper and sanding

The green on top is what it should be after all the work:)

We can't forget about the gidgets:)  Happy Mother's Day (yesterday).  Hope you had a great one!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Couple Pictures!

I am looking for a couple to do a session Saturday afternoon. I will do it for $50. Regularly $135. Style-retro-chic. (suit & vintage style dress) Text me at 801.941.1228 if you or someone you know are interested!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

one from then..

A few years ago I was in a crazy place.  To deal, I took pictures of everything and everyone.  Here is one from then of me.  
It's kinda crazy, but I like it. 

Happy Tuesday.