Monday, May 23, 2011

Demo Derby & Fab Summer Find

This past weekend, we had such a great time with a few of our friends.  I think we are mentally preparing for spending a few days with everyone in Vegas in a couple weeks. (yes I frequent Vegas, no, I don't have a gambling problem:)

Thursday: Dinner & Farr's Ice cream with Hass, Chase, & Nate
Friday: Pirates (Loved it)
Saturday Day: Greek Baptism with my favorite greeks and lots of greek food!
Saturday Night: Demo Derby with Hass, Tj, and Chase (See Below)

If any of you run into my husband anytime soon, or he reads this:  I would love a new point n shoot or bloggie... just saying... I know I have many cameras... but the pixels are starting to get to me!  

Fab Summer Find!

Here is a quick must have for the summer....

Faux Tan by Bare Essentials

Why do I love it?  It comes out a green chocolate texture that never turns you orange and it gives you  immediate color!  That plus a light almond scent lasts 5-7 days.  It runs about $22, but completely worth it.  I love it for my face, because I wear a heavy sunscreen on it all summer.   Try it out!

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