Friday, July 30, 2010

Month {1} July

We made it!  1 month ago today Tim and I were running around getting things ready, taking vows, running off to Vegas.  I am happier than I have EVER been.  

Here are a few things to note about our {Wedding}:
  • We lost my wedding ring & the marriage license the day of the wedding
  • Tim's wedding ring had not been received by the jeweler
  • The morning started out hot, then rained, then ended on a windy note
  • I married my best friend
  • We had the best food from Grideli's
  • We received a KitchenAid {still amazed by that}
  • We had a guest moose join the festivities
  • Mike {Tim's Dad} graced our family wedding pictures wearing a wig
  • Jan {Tim's Mom} made the most spectacular center pieces
  • We had our favorite baker make super yummy banana & strawberry cupcakes
  • Jill & Mike came to our rescue with a long list of helpful tasks

Here are a few things from our {Honeymoon}:
  • Honeymoon for 6 days in Vegas at the Venetian
  • Vomited on the plane ride down to Vegas
  • Tim took his phone in the pool and it still works
  • Rode public transportation for pretty much the first time ever
  • Went to one of our favorite bands at Mandalay Bay {One Republic}
  • Our suite had 3 TVs, bathroom, bedroom, and living room
  • We watched fireworks from our room
  • Had chips & salsa everyday from that yummy Mexican place
  • Walked to In & Out Burger (totally worth it)

Here are a few things about our {July}:
  • Bought patio furniture
  • Bought a new couch
  • Bought and still waiting for the kitchen table
  • Tim went to Bear Lake
  • Tim started his new job
  • I found my ring, the marriage license, and Tim finally has his ring
  • Had a bbq on our vintage grill
  • Jordy modeled for Good Things Utah
  • We started Tuesday movie date night
  • We made our first house payment
  • Took Mark and Tracie to an Outlaws Soccer Game (see below)


Monday, July 12, 2010

Home {sweet} Husband

Timmy & I have been married for almost 2 weeks.  The wedding was amazing & the openhouse was even more incredible.  I have officially married the MOST stunning, amazing, incredible, & best man I know.  I am so excited for all that is to come.  Thanks to all of the fam(Jan, Miss, & Jill) and friends(Trace, Lex, Jen, Henry, Chaz) who helped us get ready for and on our big day. 

We went to Vegas for 6 days(honeymoon) and stayed at the amazing Venetian Hotel (we had TVs in our bedroom, bathroom, & living room).  It was roughly an average of 110 degrees each day!  We had so much fun & will probably plan another trip soon.  Tim bought me tickets to my favorite band, One Republic for my wedding gift.  They were playing at Mandalay Beach one of the nights we were in Vegas.  I enjoyed an uninterrupted 6 days with my hot new hubby:) 

We are still working on getting settled so I will post more pics soon. 


Jamie Healy
{I love typing that}