Monday, July 12, 2010

Home {sweet} Husband

Timmy & I have been married for almost 2 weeks.  The wedding was amazing & the openhouse was even more incredible.  I have officially married the MOST stunning, amazing, incredible, & best man I know.  I am so excited for all that is to come.  Thanks to all of the fam(Jan, Miss, & Jill) and friends(Trace, Lex, Jen, Henry, Chaz) who helped us get ready for and on our big day. 

We went to Vegas for 6 days(honeymoon) and stayed at the amazing Venetian Hotel (we had TVs in our bedroom, bathroom, & living room).  It was roughly an average of 110 degrees each day!  We had so much fun & will probably plan another trip soon.  Tim bought me tickets to my favorite band, One Republic for my wedding gift.  They were playing at Mandalay Beach one of the nights we were in Vegas.  I enjoyed an uninterrupted 6 days with my hot new hubby:) 

We are still working on getting settled so I will post more pics soon. 


Jamie Healy
{I love typing that}

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  1. I think the massive amounts of guacamole are what made Vegas so good...:)