Thursday, December 16, 2010

November {past}

November in review:
  • Tim's dad, Mike, did a laparoscopy on me for my endometriosis.  (I still have yet to see the pictures & when I do, you will see them too!)
  • Went on my first out of town business trip (only to Logan) with Chick-fil-A for a Grand Opening.  Handed out 8,000 free sandwiches in 1 day!
  • Had Thanksgiving with my dad and his fab fiance, grandparents, Tim, Jake, and my beautiful sis Mel.  Post Thanksgiving we went stopped by my mom's mom's for more pie! 
  • Day after Thanksgiving shopping with Tim to 3 tool stores and then spent the day with our besties Mark and Tracie for Park City Shopping and La Ferrovia with a side of hottubbing!

  • Hope you are enjoying your December!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Makeup {tips}

I worked at Sephora Thursday.  As I was working, I had the same questions over and over.  I thought I would share a few of my tips I gave my clients.

  • Wash your make up brushes every other week
    • It restores your brushes to new
    • Helps fight bacteria being deposited on the skin {helps clear acne}
    • Clean brushes = even makeup application on the skin!  
  • Wash your pillow cases often
    • Dirty pillow cases = ACNE
  • Buy inexpensive wash cloths to dry your face.  I use a new wash cloth each day.  You can buy them in 5 or 10 packs and at the end of the week wash all of them at once.  This will help clear up the skin because you are using a clean cloth each time.  I prefer white ones because bleaching is a necessity.
  • Remove your makeup {even waterproof eye liner & mascara} with sensitive\fragrance free\hypoallergenic baby wipes.  I know most of you are moms and have these on hand and they are way cheaper than makeup wipes.  The key is to remove your makeup with the wipe and then follow with you cleanser.  Your face will feel cleaner than ever before.  Sleeping in your makeup can make your skin age quicker and again cause acne.  Your skin needs to breathe! 
Now for a few photos from last week!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Fab Find for Acne {Murad}

Today's Fab Find is for a skin concern.   I have chosen 3 lines that I have used to fix beginning stages of acne, moderate acne, and post acne scarring.  It's a long post because acne is complicated.

Words to know
cystic acne: a large and painful acne bump under the skin that never makes it to the surface.
sulfur: ingredient used to treat surface acne as well as cystic acne.
salicylic acid: ingredient used to treat mild to moderate surface acne.
benzoyl peroxide: ingredient used to treat mild to moderate surface acne.  Tip: use white towels and pillow cases, it will bleach  anything you put you face on. 
retinol: nighttime treatment used to help wrinkles, scarring, and skin texture.  Do not use if you are preg, nursing, or trying to get preg.

Dr. Murad is a well known name for acne.  Over the last 3 years of working for Sephora, I have watched his line of acne products clear up hundreds of faces.

Dr. Murad {Acne Complex Starter Kit} $33

For $33, I recommend the 1 month starter kit.  It contains a cleanser, toner, acne gel, sulfur treatment, and skin perfecting lotion.  What you need to know: Murad uses a combo of benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, and salicylic acid to extract dirt, clean the pore, and medicate the existing acne.  Stick with it at least 3
 weeks before making your decision (it takes at least 2 weeks for your skin to adjust to new treatments).  

Peter Thomas Roth {Sulfur Cooling Masque} $40

This is easily a must-have for me.  Sulfur is showing up in most acne lines because it's natural and it clears up acne quick.  Sulfur will dry out the blemish almost immediately and pull out the imperfections/bacteria to help it heal.  Put a little of this thick mask on the blemished area for 5 minutes 1-2 times a day and even the most serious cystic acne will be cleared up in under 2 days.  Always follow with a great moisturizer (Dr Murad perhaps).  Don't be afraid to mix and match treatments and lines.

Philosophy {Help Me} $10-$45

Scarring?  Dark Spots?  Wrinkles?  Rough skin texture?  This little product does wonders for it all.  I love it personally for my acne scars and even when I have acne flareups.  Use this at night and make sure to use plenty of sunscreen during the day.   You won't regret this product.  You will see some immediate results, but I recommend using this for 1-2 months to see the perfect results. 

Sephora inside JC Penneys is great at FREE SAMPLES.   So try it before you buy it.   If you have a concern or something you are interested in, leave me a comment, and I will post a fab find for you.



Friday, December 3, 2010

{Eye Primer} Fab Favorite Finds

I used to do a weekly update on my previous blog about my fab favorite finds, which was mostly make up.  I have decided to go back to that.  I will revisit an oldie for my first one.  If you would like me to give you info on a skin or makeup concern or a new product you are interested in - leave a comment!

A must have: Urban Decay's Primer Potion
If I could recommend one life changing makeup product, it would be this.  Have you heard of a primer?  How about a primer for eyes?  Maybe you have no clue what I am talking about. 

Primer: Something you put under something else to achieve a better result.  You prime a wall to make your paint look perfect.  You prime your skin to give your foundation an even better appearance and to last longer.  You prime your eyes to keep your eyeshadow on all day long without any creasing.

Creasing: When your makeup migrates to the center part of your eye and looks uneven. 

If your shadow is creasing, use a primer underneath and you will NEVER crease again.  You will also use less shadow and you can use it with any brand of shadow.   Now see why this is a must?  Did I mention this tube will last 5-6 months and is only $18 at Sephora inside JC Penneys. 

If you try it, you will be thanking me for sharing this tiny bit incite.  Did I mention they have the BEST return policy?  If you buy it, try it, and don't love it - you can return it for your full money back within 60 days. 

Let me know what you think!