Friday, December 3, 2010

{Eye Primer} Fab Favorite Finds

I used to do a weekly update on my previous blog about my fab favorite finds, which was mostly make up.  I have decided to go back to that.  I will revisit an oldie for my first one.  If you would like me to give you info on a skin or makeup concern or a new product you are interested in - leave a comment!

A must have: Urban Decay's Primer Potion
If I could recommend one life changing makeup product, it would be this.  Have you heard of a primer?  How about a primer for eyes?  Maybe you have no clue what I am talking about. 

Primer: Something you put under something else to achieve a better result.  You prime a wall to make your paint look perfect.  You prime your skin to give your foundation an even better appearance and to last longer.  You prime your eyes to keep your eyeshadow on all day long without any creasing.

Creasing: When your makeup migrates to the center part of your eye and looks uneven. 

If your shadow is creasing, use a primer underneath and you will NEVER crease again.  You will also use less shadow and you can use it with any brand of shadow.   Now see why this is a must?  Did I mention this tube will last 5-6 months and is only $18 at Sephora inside JC Penneys. 

If you try it, you will be thanking me for sharing this tiny bit incite.  Did I mention they have the BEST return policy?  If you buy it, try it, and don't love it - you can return it for your full money back within 60 days. 

Let me know what you think!




  1. I love this stuff (except I use the product by MAC) I can't live without it! So I have a you know about the Murad products? I have had super bad acne along my jawline and neck...disgusting..i know! I have heard that Proactive and those products don't work and they just dry your face out. But I was reading about the Murad from Sephora...have you ever used it or heard of people using it?

  2. I love Murad! I will post in the next couple days just for you about it.



  3. Yeah, I'm with Shelby. Sounds like a great product. We received your cute Christmas Card yesterday. Very clever ;) Thanks for remembering us out-of-towners.

  4. I'm loving the eye primer that you recommended for me. It's so great to have a makeup guru in the family!