Monday, December 13, 2010

Makeup {tips}

I worked at Sephora Thursday.  As I was working, I had the same questions over and over.  I thought I would share a few of my tips I gave my clients.

  • Wash your make up brushes every other week
    • It restores your brushes to new
    • Helps fight bacteria being deposited on the skin {helps clear acne}
    • Clean brushes = even makeup application on the skin!  
  • Wash your pillow cases often
    • Dirty pillow cases = ACNE
  • Buy inexpensive wash cloths to dry your face.  I use a new wash cloth each day.  You can buy them in 5 or 10 packs and at the end of the week wash all of them at once.  This will help clear up the skin because you are using a clean cloth each time.  I prefer white ones because bleaching is a necessity.
  • Remove your makeup {even waterproof eye liner & mascara} with sensitive\fragrance free\hypoallergenic baby wipes.  I know most of you are moms and have these on hand and they are way cheaper than makeup wipes.  The key is to remove your makeup with the wipe and then follow with you cleanser.  Your face will feel cleaner than ever before.  Sleeping in your makeup can make your skin age quicker and again cause acne.  Your skin needs to breathe! 
Now for a few photos from last week!


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  1. Yeah, I should probably invest in some more face towels. I usually use the same one for a week before washing. Don't judge-I'm just lazy.