Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kelly's {little human}

This is my friend Kell's brand new little babe.  She promised me he was a good sleeper, but they never are for me!  He was darling in his Harley hat.  I can't wait to have a little one of my own! 


Friday, August 13, 2010

Chelsee {with Aspen}

Preface: Chelsee and Chris are really amazing friends of ours.  When Tim and I began dating, we had many who were doubtful, critical, and judgemental of our relationship.  Many of those same sceptics are still vocal about it still a year later.  Chris and Chels have stayed uplifted with us the entire time.  Its amazing that two people could do this even when some of our family members could not and still don't.  I love having such a fun couple to double with.  I am excited to meet Aspen.  Chelsee was so fun to do pictures for!  It was a crazy adventure....


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wedding {2}

One of Tim's oldest friends, Jordan Anderson had his wedding on 8.9.10... here are pictures from his wedding. 
Jimmy & Timmy off to pick up Shelsee for the weddin!
T & J waiting for the ring xchange to begin!
Don't let this picture fool you, this wasn't what we could actually see.  We were all looking straight into that bush in front of Jordan's head.  This picture was being taken 3 feet above my head...
The wives club with our fruity drinks....  :)
Husband and T's Husband
Random person catching the garter.
Keith Urban & Chaz
The Henry's plus an almost Aspen!
T-rac, do you need any other explanation?
The boys, Chaz, Cuv, Mark(I don't know your nickname), Cambone?(Keith Urban), Tbone?, Henry.

I will have the video up shortly:)


Monday, August 9, 2010

Hiking {sort of}

The guy(Tim) and myself decided to use his Friday off to go hiking in Willard. I am all for adventure (with in reason).

 Did you know that the water running over the roots of trees turns them into a bright pink?  Beautiful.  We followed our mini-hike with Maddox drive-in, Smith and Edwards, and Zeppes Italian Ice!  We also made it over to Nick & Kristen's beautiful reception.  I love summer days.