Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wedding {2}

One of Tim's oldest friends, Jordan Anderson had his wedding on 8.9.10... here are pictures from his wedding. 
Jimmy & Timmy off to pick up Shelsee for the weddin!
T & J waiting for the ring xchange to begin!
Don't let this picture fool you, this wasn't what we could actually see.  We were all looking straight into that bush in front of Jordan's head.  This picture was being taken 3 feet above my head...
The wives club with our fruity drinks....  :)
Husband and T's Husband
Random person catching the garter.
Keith Urban & Chaz
The Henry's plus an almost Aspen!
T-rac, do you need any other explanation?
The boys, Chaz, Cuv, Mark(I don't know your nickname), Cambone?(Keith Urban), Tbone?, Henry.

I will have the video up shortly:)


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