Friday, July 30, 2010

Month {1} July

We made it!  1 month ago today Tim and I were running around getting things ready, taking vows, running off to Vegas.  I am happier than I have EVER been.  

Here are a few things to note about our {Wedding}:
  • We lost my wedding ring & the marriage license the day of the wedding
  • Tim's wedding ring had not been received by the jeweler
  • The morning started out hot, then rained, then ended on a windy note
  • I married my best friend
  • We had the best food from Grideli's
  • We received a KitchenAid {still amazed by that}
  • We had a guest moose join the festivities
  • Mike {Tim's Dad} graced our family wedding pictures wearing a wig
  • Jan {Tim's Mom} made the most spectacular center pieces
  • We had our favorite baker make super yummy banana & strawberry cupcakes
  • Jill & Mike came to our rescue with a long list of helpful tasks

Here are a few things from our {Honeymoon}:
  • Honeymoon for 6 days in Vegas at the Venetian
  • Vomited on the plane ride down to Vegas
  • Tim took his phone in the pool and it still works
  • Rode public transportation for pretty much the first time ever
  • Went to one of our favorite bands at Mandalay Bay {One Republic}
  • Our suite had 3 TVs, bathroom, bedroom, and living room
  • We watched fireworks from our room
  • Had chips & salsa everyday from that yummy Mexican place
  • Walked to In & Out Burger (totally worth it)

Here are a few things about our {July}:
  • Bought patio furniture
  • Bought a new couch
  • Bought and still waiting for the kitchen table
  • Tim went to Bear Lake
  • Tim started his new job
  • I found my ring, the marriage license, and Tim finally has his ring
  • Had a bbq on our vintage grill
  • Jordy modeled for Good Things Utah
  • We started Tuesday movie date night
  • We made our first house payment
  • Took Mark and Tracie to an Outlaws Soccer Game (see below)



  1. They might not be commenting, but they're lookin...

  2. Sounds like you two are having fun!!