Monday, May 9, 2011

step out the door and it feels like rain

This is a hodge podge post of pictures from my canon eos, canon elf, and my phone.  

Baby Luke is now 6 months.  See more of Luke here.

  Tim took me to a cooking class at For Your Kitchen.  What did we make you ask?  What else, chips, salsa and guac!  It was so much fun:)  (Tim was the only volunteer)

Next ongoing project, desk #5.  Why do we keep purchasing them, who knows!  It's a large hobby to store all of those desks.  This is an all wood desk we picked up for $10 at local church. 
Original Color

After paint stripper and sanding

The green on top is what it should be after all the work:)

We can't forget about the gidgets:)  Happy Mother's Day (yesterday).  Hope you had a great one!

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