Monday, March 22, 2010

{Best news EVER}

I have this liking, I mean LOVE for makeup.  Go figure.  I have so much of it, that most gifts I give come from my unopened stash.  You would think that because of my small obsession, gratis I receive from Sephora, and the existing amount of said makeup I have-that I wouldn't need anymore.  WRONG.  I can spend a good few hours in a full size Sephora.  Ready for the good news?  We have a full size adult cosmetics playground coming to Fashion Place Mall on June 4th!  Maybe I am the only person excited.  That's fine.  If you would like to join me at Sephora on opening day, feel free!

Please excuse the point & shoot and the redeye!




  1. yes I feel your passion for makeup i have the same love for it as you prob know! how exciting!!!

  2. I knew you would! I am glad I have a fellow cosmetic fiend:)

  3. Ya I think it is just you!:) Just kidding, I really do love but I don't think I am AS passionate about it! But I am cheap and can't spend the money on the expensive stuff!