Tuesday, April 20, 2010

{I will}

Tim popped the question Saturday afternoon.  I am so very in love with this man.  I have so much to say, but I will save it until I post a picture of my AMAZING ring.   Today, Jan {Tim's Mom/my future mother-in-law} and I went gathering much needed items for the upcoming nuptials.  I had so much fun getting to know her on a one-on-one basis.  She is a great lady and I am so excited to be joining the Healy Fam!  We were able to find fabric for 10 little girl dresses and tie patters for the guys.  I am excited to see the outcome of this giant sewing project.  We also purchased a large amount of IBC Cherry Limeade bottle beverages for party favors. 

It's slightly more red than pink, but it is so yummy! 

I will post more as we get this show on the road!  71 until the event:)



  1. Wow ! how exciting! congrats girl! cant wait to see more pics!

  2. Who has the best Fiance in the world? :)