Monday, June 7, 2010

{ten years}

But darling, you, are, the only exception.

Tim's birthday is Wednesday.  26.  Do you know I met him when I was 16?  10 years ago in August, I met the man that I am marrying(in just a few short weeks).  Wow, time just passes you by.  I am glad we get to share his birthday together, one of many birthdays!  I am also so excited to join such a great family who has been so sweet to me.  I am, almost, a Healy.

Wedding plans are almost complete, just odds and ends!  Tim told me yesterday that his dad has hired a band.  I can't wait to see everything come together!  That's all for now.  I will have some pictures of my garden soon! 



  1. You're so amazing Sweetie... I love you!

  2. Hey will you please call me. I would like to chat. Love you