Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby {Luke} & a few memories of a previous life...

I've had quite a few requests for baby pictures lately.  I guess it's in the water.  I love how fun new babes are, especially when the parents are amazing.  My sister-in-law Jill is putting a logo together for me and I will have a new blog set up for my pictures again soon. 

I see you in the evening
Sitting on your throne
And praying with the fireball,
And posted it up against the wall
I just wanna hold you
Take you by your hand
And tell you that your good enough
Tell ya that it's gonna be tough
-Kings of Leon

Next month I will be 26.  It is almost surreal how much my life has changed.   Here is an awesome throwback to the babyhood. 


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  1. Jamie you are amazing! No just the photography, but YOU!! I just had flash back to high school. Any way I miss you and love you. Just thought I would let you know had wonderful I think you are and am so glad we stay in touch. Never doubt your self. Love Adri