Tuesday, June 7, 2011

goodbye may, hello sunshine

First off, goodbye May.  You are my favorite month.
I normally don't let on about upcoming trips, but since Timothy won't be joining me (we will be apart for 3 days, which is the longest we have been apart, ever) I will fill you in.  The dentist I work for is taking everyone from the office to  Fairmont in Scottsdale, Arizona!  Yay:)   Here are a few pictures of where we will be staying:

Bring on 90+ degrees and slushy drinks by any of the 5 pools:) I did also pickup a new point and shoot camera!  So excited.

Last Saturday, Tim and I took our newly acquired season passes to Lagoon for a few hours of fun.  Yes, we did purchase these of our own free will and yes, we might be the oldest people there without kiddos.  We are so excited to go back a few times this summer, so if you are going let us know!

See you soon.


  1. Well color me jealous! That sounds wonderful. Have a great trip!

  2. You are too cute. Looks like you had a great trip and survived without Tim. All I can say is suck it up. Kelly has been gone for over 1 year and he is coming home next week!!!! I can't wait, but you know 3 days is a long time too Ü