Monday, July 25, 2011

Bear Lake 2011-Part 2

Our besties Mark & Tracie met us Friday night to head up to the Anderson's cabin in the beautiful Bear Lake.  We had lots of fun and great food by Jordan's mom, Derith.  Thank you tons for the fab hospitality.  We had an awesome time on the boat and as always, taking pictures of everyone..  I threw a few in at the end as a sort of blooper reel.  Enjoy!

Self portrait:)

Besties - Mark & Tracie

Bocce ball

There is a tube under that water... somewhere.

Mark looking slightly troubled.

Lastly- via instagram!

Good luck Miss on the Mission.  We love you and are excited for you to help others.  We will miss you! 

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  1. those boating pictures are hilarious. love the jordan crashing one! who is the mysterious hooded woman? i can't be certain...