Thursday, July 7, 2011

X-Ray and such..

I have so much catching up to do, but I thought I would share this first.   I have been getting headaches frequently for the last year and then last week I hurt my neck golfing.  I contacted Dr. Kevin Lundell (who I went to school with) to get adjusted.  I went back a couple days ago to see my xrays and it didn't look good!  I found an xray of a normal neck (xray 1) and then my actual xray (pic 2). 

Random Normal Xray off the web.  See how the spine curves back?

The black curved line is where my neck should be, the red is where it is.  My spine is that far off! 

It is going to take 8 weeks of treatments to fix it!  I get x-rayed again at the end of the treatment.  Wish me luck!

Lastly for today and mostly for Chelsee:)

My wreath.  It's a combo of Libby's wreath(I couldn't find the picture) & Chelsee's cute pom poms.

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  1. Very Cute!! Im sorry about your neck. I actually had that problem around the 4th grade. I went to the chiro for a year and my migraines have never come back :)