Sunday, January 16, 2011


 For my gift this past Christmas, Tim decided to grant my wish of getting me a second dog.  We went through the same man we purchased Gidget from.  He bought me sweet little Gizmo.  She was the same breed as Gidget and was the opposite coloring.  She was adorable, sweet, loving, and super cuddly.  I regret to say that she came into our home for five days and passed away on my birthday with Tim holding her.  She became super sick two days in and after a trip to the vet, there was nothing more we could do.  We are happy that we were able to take care of her during her short life.  We loved her and she passed away with people that loved  her.  If you aren't an animal person, you probably don't get it.  When your animals are your children, you get it. 




  1. I am so sorry! Thats so hard. Your blog aways makes m e want to cry the because of music and then that said story...... I wish you happiness! so you soon.

  2. Oh Jamie that is so sad. I'm so sorry to hear that. :( I understand and it is really hard when something like that happens. I hope you will be able to let another sweet little animal into your life and that it will bring you much joy. Love you lots.