Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I've got the {magic] in me!

Here are a few pictures from the Healy Family trip to Orlando a few weeks ago.  I was going through them last night and thought I would share a few.  There are a few more to come, plus December & January updates! 



  1. Jamie, thanks for your comment on my site. I've been thinking fondly of our photo shoot during my first pregnancy. That was so fun and I LOVE the results. Always will.

    I love the makeup tips on your blog! Hope you're well.

  2. Good times indeed. I didn't know that Tim had a turkey leg...yikes! Barbarian. I'll have you know that since we've been home, we did buy some of that Hormel roast-yum and darn you, Jamie!!!

  3. Hey Jamie! thanks for the post!! it was good to hear from you and THANK YOU for the tips on fighting acne on your post! loved it! needed it! ... well at the beginning of the year I slipped and broke my ankle so sadly i have been house bound for the entire month of Jan. it had to be fixed with pins :( hopefully i will receive good news on wednesday about how it's healing. once im mobile again we should meet up for chinese!! :D