Friday, February 11, 2011

A long December...

I am entirely behind on my months!  It was a long December.  It was full of fun parties, great gifts, and a little sadness.  These posts are my record of mine and Tim's time together.... 

I found a couple pics of Gizmo and I wanted to share.  I think I am slowly wanting another little friend for Gidget.  I will let ya know how that goes!

Missy & Gizmo
December in a nutshell:
  • Tim had his first NG work party & we stayed at the hotel for the night.
  • Organized Chick's Christmas party and even won a giftcard!  Texas Roadhouse catered our yummy dinner.  I love Chick-fil-A!
  • Gram Chris's Birthday lunch!
  • B & D Anderson's friend dinner.
  • Christmas Eve at Scott & Noelle's house with my family!
  • Christmas Breakfast with Mike, Jan, & Missy.
  • Christmas lunch with my mom & brothers.
  • Christmas dinner with Dad, Britt, the boys, Mel, & G&G Combe.
  • Post Christmas dinner-dinner with the Christiansens.
  • Going away party for Chris Henry at the Anderson's house.
  • Yearly Healy Timbermine dinner.  Thanks Mike:)
  • My 26th birthday... Gizmo's passing.
  • Spaghetti Factory for my Bithday (my favorite).
  • Justin's 19th Birthday at The Pizzeria with Mom, Jord, Just, Jake, Tim, & Grams.
  • New Years in Bear Lake with the Andersons.  Bear Lake was so amazing with the snow!

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