Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day!  This has been a lot of posting in the last couple of days and I have been to come.  I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to tell Tim why he is my valentine.

When we were in Sunday school while we were dating, our teacher was telling us why he knew without a doubt his wife was supposed to be his wife.  He named a large list of reasons, some of which you wouldn't want to bring up in church:)  Well I was thinking about that and here is my list of why I love Tim..
  • On our first date, I told him everything about me and my past.   Much to my surprise, he still called and asked me out on a second date.
  • I tried breaking up with him a few times because he was too perfect.  I didn't think I could be with a man that loved me for me and had that much patience.  When we'd break up, it would be 1 or 2 hours before I was calling because I couldn't live without him:)
  • He loves kids. 
  • He loves to spend time with me, doing my tasks.  
  • He loves to cook and loves trying new things.  He has helped me expand what I like!  ((Javiers))
  • He always looks for the good in everything and everyone.  
  • I learn something new everyday that I am with him.
  • He found a way to surprise me with his proposal.  I'm hard to surprise.
  • I can't wait until he gets home so we can be together.
  • I love listening to him sing!
  • He loves me.  I love him.
Tim- you are amazing and I am so happy you are my husband.  I love you & Happy Valentines!



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  1. aww.. how sweet! Tim sounds like such a great guy! we should hang so we can get to know him!